How do you spend your Friday night? All I seem to do is roast hazelnuts! Why?

Well, I like to provide super fresh product to my Saturday morning customers at the market.

We’ve decided to share a little something with our online customers too, a firm favourite from the stall – hazelnut sprinkles!

SPICED SPRINKLE brings together local hazelnuts, roasted in fair trade + organic coconut oil and tossed in a secret blend of spices. From salads to stir fries, curries + quinoa, we throw these on everything for flavour and crunch. It makes steamed broccoli so much tastier!

HONEY AND HAZELNUT SPRINKLE is a sweet mix of crushed nuts, delicious honey and fair trade + organic coconut oil. Perfect on your brekkie yoghurt, atop ice-cream – or just straight out of the bag.

Nom Nom Nom… back to work I go… See you tomorrow!