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Bees are delightful little creatures. Busily buzzing – to ensure humanities survival.

They’ve shared some of their handiwork with us + we whipped it up with our hazelnuts.

The result? A really yummy-yum-yum nut butter which the whole family can enjoy.

Batch roasted hazelnuts, naturally sweet New Zealand honey, with a spoonful of organic coconut oil for spread-ability, wellness and taste.

That is all. Just go and enjoy.


Nutritional Information
Servings per jar:10
Average serving size: 20g
(all values are averages) Average per 20g serve Average per 100g
Energy 472kJ (113 Cal) 2360kJ (564 Cal)
Protein 2.2g 11.1g
Fat -total 9.6g 47.8g
-saturated 1g 4.9g
Carbohydrates 4.7g 23.7g
-sugars 4.6g 22.8g
Sodium 1mg 5mg
New Zealand hazelnuts (71%), Honey (25%), Coconut oil*
*Fair trade and organic
Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients