Friday night Sprinkles!


How do you spend your Friday night? All I seem to do is roast hazelnuts! Why?

Well, I like to provide super fresh product to my Saturday morning customers at the market.

We’ve decided to share a little something with our online customers too, a firm favourite from the stall – hazelnut sprinkles!

SPICED SPRINKLE brings together local hazelnuts, roasted in fair trade + organic coconut oil and tossed in a secret blend of spices. From salads to stir fries, curries + quinoa, we throw these on everything for flavour and crunch. It makes steamed broccoli so much tastier!

HONEY AND HAZELNUT SPRINKLE is a sweet mix of crushed nuts, delicious honey and fair trade + organic coconut oil. Perfect on your brekkie yoghurt, atop ice-cream – or just straight out of the bag.

Nom Nom Nom… back to work I go… See you tomorrow!


Nut Shake

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.26.15 AMBeen playing about making nut milks this week. Cashew, almond + hazelnut of course. I’d never realised how expensive these products were at the supermarket! For breakfast this morning we decided to make use of some odds and ends.

So into a blender went 2 bananas, 2 good sized dessert spoons of our Hazelnut + Cocoa butter, 2 cups of nut milk (we used a mixture of almond + hazelnut) + some ice cubes. Blitzed until smooth + frothy. Nutty goodness on a Monday morning.


market days

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you’ll see we’ve been hitting up some of the local farmers markets in Christchurch these last few weeks. It’s been so much fun – setting up shop, stocking up our supplies + meeting some pretty awesome folk along the way.

We’re going to be at Riccarton House Farmers Market on a regular basis now. Saturdays 9-12. You can grab more details here. So come on down this weekend. There’s gooood coffee + all sorts of delicious local food, beautiful handmade gifts and some pretty spectacular nut butters as well!


(You’ll see we have some extra special treats just in time for xmas. ‘Marvellous minis’ – a sampler box of all four of our specialty nut butters, toasted hazelnut sprinkles and some cute-as cookies). More about these later…


Honey, Hazelnut + Almond Power Balls

recipe1We all do different things with our days. Some of us are caught behind office desks, others are sweating it out in front of judges (not in the criminal sort of way!), we are racing bikes in far away places, giving lectures + making nut butter of course!

It’s hard to find the right snack, which isn’t loaded with nasty processed things. Whatever we’re doing that 3 o’clock wall hits us all hard and fast.

So instead of grabbing that chocolate bar of muffin, I’ve been trying to snack on these little balls. Dairy, sugar + gluten free. So ridiculously simple to make + just as easy to devour.

You’ll need a food processor with some determination.

Add to your processor, 1 cup pitted dates + 1 cup raw unsalted almonds, 1/2 cup chia seeds, 1/2 cup flaxseeds, 2 tblsp hazelnut + honey butter.

Blitz, blitz and blitz some more. It will take a while for the dates to break down and the almonds to crumble. Soon you’ll have a fine-ish mixture from which you can shape your balls. Fridge or freeze, then eat + run.

photo (44)


Hello world

We’re so excited to finally launch our range of specialty nut butters.

To say it’s been a long time coming is a bit of an understatement.

 In 2005 The Boss convinced The Prof they should purchase this quiet little patch of land just outside of Christchurch.

It was just that – a patch – nothing but a field of overgrown grass, bordered by a creek, looking out across a sheep or three.

blog 1

The Boss had a clear vision; established trees, a barn + rows of heirloom vegetables…

So The Prof and The Boss broke the land in, starting from scratch, one planting at a time.

Almost a decade on, it’s hard to imagine how it once was.

 Over the last few years we’ve endured a bit of a beating.

Two big earthquakes and countless aftershocks have rattled the place through and through.

We shoveled liquefaction, the earth moved, we started all over again.


With sweat and determination – the property was reborn.

 Now The Boss and The Prof live off their vegetable harvest and the trees yield tasty nuts.

The Barn is a place we all like to come when the kids are in town. For bonfires, BBQs and ‘stay-cations’.

 White Heart Specialty Nut Butters is the end of a chapter, but the beginning of something really good.

We hope you enjoy our nut butters as much as we do.